adidas | MOUSSY

Creative Direction

adidas | MOUSSY

/ creative direction

We created a fashion film of adidas | MOUSSY, collaboration adidas with women's fashion brand. Using kinetic line of "A" for adidas, "M" for MOUSSY, "|" for collaboration and "three lines" for adidas, we expressing the new way of syncing movie with music.

creative director: Tatsuya Ishikawa (BSPK™) / movie director, video grapher, editer: Kyotaro Hayashi (DRAWING AND MANUAL) /  video grapher: Masaki Miyamoto (DRAWING AND MANUAL), Keisuke Inoue / 2nd video grapher: Naoki Takehisa / music: JEMAPUR / production manager: Takayuki Yokoyama(monopo)

movie production : monopo